Glossy Cakes at Hy-Vee West Circle

People are freaking out over these yummy cakes that almost look too good to eat! Russian confectionist, Olga Noskova, started this trend and it recently became viral on Instagram.  Glossy cakes are trending and your West Circle Hy-Vee has perfected them in our Bakery.  Pastry Chef and Head Decorator, Bryant says, “These cakes started becoming popular in the cities and we decided to offer them to our customers right here in Rochester.” Currently we offer two delicious options.  The first is a dark chocolate cake with caramel filling, espresso frosting, and a dark chocolate glaze. The next is a white cake with strawberry and pistachio layers, buttercream frosting and a clear glaze. Check out how we create these masterpieces below and contact Hy-Vee West Circle at 507-292-6000 to order!